Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Color & Play App Reviews

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Sound doesnt work

Sound stopped working after 5 minutes playing. It seems the sound is adjustable in the parents area. Even changing the set up, the sound never got back working. Applying for a money back.


This is a really fun game for young kids but Im 10 and i love it so keep up the great Disney Jr paint and play games

Not working after update

Since the last update, this does not work on any of our devices (2 of which are brand new iPads). Tried removing and re-installing, closing down every other app, and still crashes every time the kids pick a room. We only bought this app a few weeks ago and one update later it is non-working junk. Clicking on the "App Support" or "Report a Problem" links in iTunes just leads to a page not found error! Very unhappy.

Bug please fix

There is a bug if you paint Mickey and turn him 3d his face looks ugly and scribbled and one other bug if you make a snowman and go out of the app when you come back the snowman has no face or sticks but overall that this is a good game☺️


Very nice game for my children


This app is wonderful but it wont load up. Please fix this bug. My daughter cant play this and she is soooo sad.

Bug in game

My grandson loves this game, but with the last update it shuts down between regular Mickey, Halloween and Christmas. Please fix.

Not good right now

Message from my 5 yr old..." I was trying to play it, but it wouldnt come up! It kept closing me out. Please fix it.,PLEASE!!!! I dont like when it does that to me right now. I love it when it works. Please fix it. " ....... We did the update for the Christmas theme and it crashes before it even opens.


Very disappointed that I just spent $5 on an app as a reward for my four year old and she cant even play it. Please fix this ASAP.

Please fix

Wish we could play....crashes constantly....

Crashes constantly!

My daughter loves this game, but ever since we updated to the holiday version, it crashes all the time! The Halloween version was so fun & she was really looking forward to this one. Please fix this! Im upset I paid so much fora game that doesnt even work now!

Does not work at all

$5.00 for the app and soon as you touch anything it shuts down! I have a very angry 4 year old. I want my money back.


My 3 yo daughter used to love this app. Ever since the last update, it crashes every time she starts to play it. Please fix!! I have a very unhappy little girl.


Would be an awesome game but it keeps crashing. My 4 year old keeps trying to play it but cant go more than 2 minutes with out it crashing. Please fix!

Too many crashes

After reading the reviews, I noticed that Im not the only one experiencing difficulties with the app. My daughter enjoys all the Disney games but they crash every time. Ive tried looking up the developers info to send a report but those links arent active. At $5-$7 a pop these games arent cheap.


After the last update the app would crash when opened. I did a restart on my iPad and it has worked just fine. Great app. My 4 yr old loves it.

One star might be too high

Has never opened. Consistently crashes while starting up.

We love this app

My son has been playing this over and over!


The. Kids love the game but they are frustrated by the crashes... It crashes a lot. Fix it please


Please fix just bought and cant even use please fix really annoyed I just wasted $3.99 on an app my daughter cant use!!

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